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This 70% Philippines single origin chocolate bar is aged with Lavender from France. This is not a sweet bar and there is a slight hint of bitterness at the back and gives the sensation of serenity and tranquility.   No flavor is actually added in the bar.   


Ingredients  |  Cacao Beans / Organic Cane Sugar / Cacao Butter


Nutrition Fact  |  Per 45g, Energy 255kcal, Protein 4.5g, Total Fat 15.8g, Saturated Fat 10.1g, Trans Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 22.5g, Fibre 6.7g, Sugars 13.5g, Sodium 0.1mg


​*No added lecithin or vanilla.  Keep and store in cool dry place.

SLOK Chocolate - Aged with Lavender (70% Philippines)

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