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選用2019年International Cocoa Awards金獎可可豆,經特定烘焙呈現可可豆風味。不含糖份,適合生酮飲食及素食者食用。

Tasting Notes|Honey / Longan / Jujube Fruit



Tasting Note     |     Honey / Longan / Jujube Fruit

The cacao beans came from Paquibato of Philippines and was awarded the Top 20 best beans during the 2019 International Cocoa Awards.  The beans had been grinded and conched for over 48 hours to achieve the desired smoothness.  Honey is the dominant note from start to end, following with the note of longan and jujube fruit emerge slowly.  

Ingredients      |  Cacao Beans


​*No added lecithin or vanilla.  Keep and store in cool dry place.

SLOK Chocolate - Philippines Paquibato 100%

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